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Errant Dreams is a site for living well and telling grand stories. We have resources for readers, cooks, writers, and roleplayers alike: hundreds of articles, reviews, email lists, blogs, a CafePress store for gamers and more.

The errantdreams.com site started out life as the MIT homepage of Heather Grove. She used it mainly to link to a few things she cared about, including a handful of writers’ resources. It grew one tiny piece at a time, incorporating her articles and reviews and yet more links as time went on. For many years, the site was run under the name burningvoid.com by Heather and her husband Jeffrey as a resource for writers, cooks and roleplayers, with an emphasis on reviews of cookware and books based on real experience. It’s impossible to totally separate out who did what at this point. Both have contributed ideas and aid of one kind or another to most (if not all) of the site.

Errant Dreams in its current form was born early in 2007, with the formation of errantdreams.com, a real, live, actual company. We’re delighted that the site has done well enough to grow into its own small business, and we look forward to whatever comes next.

We like to approach things from slightly unusual directions. Heather has an interest in psychology, and brings that interest into the realms of writing and roleplaying. We also try to approach things from a somewhat neutral perspective. Rather than arguing for one “true” way of doing things, we like to discuss the pros and cons of an issue, as well as our thoughts, and then leave people to figure out what the right approach will be for them. We only have a few soapbox issues that we take a specific stand on.

This site has been a noted resource for writers and roleplayers for several years. College teachers have used our articles to help teach classes and workshops, and people have called our material “incisive” and “inspirational.” Publishers and manufacturers (including such places as F&W Publications, Penguin Group, Chronicle Books, Cuisipro, and Lodge Manufacturing) have sent us books, cookbooks and kitchenware for review.

We want to thank everyone who has stopped by, read something, and sometimes even dropped us a line to let us know how helpful they found the site. We’ve enjoyed talking to all of you! Please do forgive us, by the way, if we don’t always respond to email. Heather handles most of the email, and sometimes she gets overwhelmed.

Photo Credit

The header for the site is based on a fantastic photograph that ventileit generously shared with the rest of the world.

We Do Not Take Submissions

This is not a paying magazine. We do not take submissions. Really. We mean it. Please stop asking for our submission guidelines. (Most places that take unsolicited submissions will have guidelines posted or will state that you can email to get them.) And please, please stop sending advertisements for your books (or web sites, or new games, or whatever) masquerading as articles and oh-so-graciously offering them as free material for our website. It ain’t gonna happen — it wouldn’t happen even if we did take submissions. Which we don’t. Got it? Good.

Supporting Us

Several people have very kindly asked how they can help to support this site, and we appreciate the interest! Our reviews contain Amazon links for the items we review, as well as related items, in case you’re interested in purchasing any of them, and our Cafe Press store for gaming contains a bunch of shirts-n-things we’ve designed.

Reprinting Material

All material on this website is copyrighted and may not be reprinted without our permission (and yes, this includes posting it in your game’s forums–is it so hard just to post an excerpt & link, please?). Occasionally we do give permission, but we prefer that people simply link to us rather than putting our articles on their sites. Ask rather than taking, and please respect our wishes.

Contact Us

You can contact us by emailing support@errantdreams.com.

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