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Don’t accidentally kick over a heavy Maglite while holding a sometimes-skittish cat, even if she is a small cat. If I had a camera, this is where I’d insert the photo of my right arm with its three bandaids and

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Getting my fuzzy fix

I haven’t actually taken any cat photos in forever (one of these years we’ll get a camera, I swear), but I’m feeling the need to share a pic anyway. Even though this was taken more than three years ago, back

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The Animal Meme

This time I couldn’t resist snagging an animal meme from bookeywookey. I don’t normally do this much memeing, but I’m too tired to think of anything more interesting this week. An interesting animal I had: My first pet was a

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Cats, Allergies, and Books—Oh My!

It seems it isn’t one foot Selene is having troubles with—it’s all four. I’m now wondering if she’s allergic to her pine litter (it’s the one thing I can think of that would routinely contact all of her feet and

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Back to the vet… AGAIN

Yes, it’s time to take one of our cats to the vet again. Selene is chewing on one of her back paws until it hurts her; I expect it’s allergy-itching. For the moment I have some anti-itch salve for pets—all-natural

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Errant Cats & An Odd Music Thought

As one tiny part of what my husband is doing to the site, I moved the cat photos from our own hosting to a flickr set. That option wasn’t available when the photos were first taken, but now it’s the

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Cats and T-Shirts, Oh My!

Selene update: the collar came off on the Friday before New Year’s. She’s all healed up, although it looks like she’s going to have a straight scar line down her belly, which is pretty weird, since this thing started out

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Exalted! and cat update

EXALTED finally! Well, not me. But part of Christmas we spent on Warcraft hanging out with a dear friend, and we finally got him to exalted with Argent Dawn after many long months of grinding. We also kind of tricked

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I wanted to apologize in advance for how little stuff is likely to go up this week, in terms of reviews and such. This weekend Selene reacted to one of the meds the vets gave her for her dental work,

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Designs & stuff

We’re taking our friend to the airport today, so I won’t be posting much. At any rate, two new designs. One for writers, one for cat lovers:   “Write with strength” and “I’m almost as stubborn as my cat.” As

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Stuff for Gamers

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