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Warning Signs

When I receive review requests from authors (especially self-published authors; also especially first-novel authors) there are certain ‘warning signs’ that I look for in their letters, and that cause me to reject the request even if I have the time

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The one problem with getting advance reading copies…

The one problem with getting advance reading copies is that most publishers prefer you wait to post the review until 1-2 weeks before release. So I’ve been getting reading done this week, and some reviewing, but I can’t post it

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Mr. Raven

Most rap is really not my thing, but I absolutely love this piece by MC Lars, “Mr. Raven”. (The video portion is made up of scenes from the John Cusack movie “The Raven”.)

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On Frequency of Review Posts

I said some time ago that bipolar/ADD/PTSD/anxiety sometimes affects my review postings, up to months at a time. Usually whenever my medication gets tweaked that changes in one way or another. A couple of months ago I had two perfect

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Working On…

Reading “The Killer Wore Leather,” which so far is at least as good as the last few mysteries I’ve read. I have to compare it to Heald’s A Death in Eden. That mystery took place in the porn industry–should have

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It’s been a weird couple of weeks, with a bunch of things to do. So, not as many reviews have gone up. No worries–I just finished one library book (Summer Knight by Jim Butcher) to hopefully put up a review

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New Blogroll

The old blogroll got blitzed in the reorg, so I’m starting it anew. It’s mostly going to be links to other review sites, so please don’t ask for links to unrelated stuff. Anyway, that’s why it’s looking so sparse right

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Taking a bit of a break…

I’m having surgery this week. It’s supposed to take a few weeks to recover and I have no idea how early (or not) I’ll feel up to using the computer. It doesn’t help that my laptop weighs in at around

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Link: “An Open Letter to You, A Bipolar”

Laura Paxton writes a lovely missive on the necessity for medication to treat bipolar disorder. She makes very important–and oft-missed–points about how long it can take to adjust to medication, how it can help rather than hinder creativity, and why

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Sorry for the broken links!

One unavoidable problem with transitioning the site into full blog format is that it broke old static page links to articles (things that were already blog posts–such as the reviews–should be fine). If you want to find an old article,

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Stuff for Gamers

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