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Link: Prime Day

Haven’t quite gotten to the review-writing again, although I’m sort of starting to do some cooking and I only have a few boxes left to unpack. Here’s something useful in the meantime. Prime Day is on July 11, with a

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Sorry about the lack of… anything, really. I’m apartment-hunting. I’m college-hunting. I’m getting divorced. Yes, kind of all at once. I’m really hoping to get back to posting reviews, but I just keep falling asleep in the middle of the

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I apologize for the two-plus weeks I’ve been not-posting

I’m dealing with things like Brain MRIs. And divorces. I’m not even going to try to predict when reviews will be regular things again. Thank you for understanding!

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So… yeah

Apparently I had a dissociative event and lost two days. Thus, I am NOT ending my reviews. Yay! It’ll probably take me a couple weeks to really get up to speed again, though! And I don’t expect I’ll keep up

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Turning off the lights

I never expected to be saying these words, but after 15 years of marriage (plus five for dating), I’m getting a divorce. I don’t expect to come back here, but I’ll leave it up for now in case it’s useful

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Take a moment

I have no idea whether I’ll post my usual one-per-weekday reviews, on up to a week or two without. Life is smacking me upside the head, so, this isn’t my top priority right now. I’ll do what I can when

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When I take notes

I take a lot of notes when I read books, because it just makes everything easier. Apparently Dax felt sorry for my current author. He refused to let me slide my notebook out from under his head so I could

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Happy holidays!

Well, my hard drive roasted itself. I’m borrowing a laptop, but between the holidays and the hard drive problem, my posting of reviews is likely to be erratic for a little while. Hopefully by the new year it’ll all be

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Ahh Koontz

I’m reading an upcoming Koontz book (“Ashley Bell”), but it comes out in I believe December, so I won’t be able to post my review for a short while. Anyway, that’s been taking up my book time for the last

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Tendonitis interferes

You’d think having to avoid walking much due to swelling of the sheaths around my Achilles tendons would mean producing more reviews, given more time to read. But my hands aren’t a lot better, which means frequent breaks from holding

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