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Ahh Koontz

I’m reading an upcoming Koontz book (“Ashley Bell”), but it comes out in I believe December, so I won’t be able to post my review for a short while. Anyway, that’s been taking up my book time for the last

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Tendonitis interferes

You’d think having to avoid walking much due to swelling of the sheaths around my Achilles tendons would mean producing more reviews, given more time to read. But my hands aren’t a lot better, which means frequent breaks from holding

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Tendonitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel

I apologize for the lack of posts recently. In addition to medication changes, I’ve had a severe flareup of my tendonitis, arthritis, and a mild case of carpal tunnel. That doesn’t lend itself to use of a computer or holding

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Taking a not-really-break

I was doing some cleaning the other day and came across a few books that I haven’t read in decades. They were some of my favorite books back in high school or whatever other point I was at, so I’m

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The Stigma of Bipolar

Over at Bipolar Scorpio, there’s a post called I THINK HE’S LIKE, BIPOLAR OR SOMETHING…. It includes two tales that represent the stigma that surrounds bipolar people. In both cases, people labeled someone as “bipolar” simply because the person disturbed

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Catching up on beloved authors

I have a goodly handful of favorite writers. Sometimes after realizing how much I love an author’s work, I suddenly have trouble getting myself to read the next series or whatever they put out. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m

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Warning Signs

When I receive review requests from authors (especially self-published authors; also especially first-novel authors) there are certain ‘warning signs’ that I look for in their letters, and that cause me to reject the request even if I have the time

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The one problem with getting advance reading copies…

The one problem with getting advance reading copies is that most publishers prefer you wait to post the review until 1-2 weeks before release. So I’ve been getting reading done this week, and some reviewing, but I can’t post it

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Mr. Raven

Most rap is really not my thing, but I absolutely love this piece by MC Lars, “Mr. Raven”. (The video portion is made up of scenes from the John Cusack movie “The Raven”.)

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On Frequency of Review Posts

I said some time ago that bipolar/ADD/PTSD/anxiety sometimes affects my review postings, up to months at a time. Usually whenever my medication gets tweaked that changes in one way or another. A couple of months ago I had two perfect

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