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Comment notification fixed

One of the reasons I sometimes have missed responding to comments, or didn’t approve them right away, is because comment notifications weren’t getting through for a while. That’s been fixed, so it shouldn’t be a problem any more. Whooo!

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Dear Authors: On Amazon’s Editorial Reviews

Yesterday I stumbled across this blog post about Amazon’s practice of putting editorial reviews (from Publishers Weekly and similar mags) above the book description on Amazon pages. The post’s author notes: You may already know that book reviews can be

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Once again…

…I must apologize for the recent paucity of reviews. Have I mentioned we’re still recovering from hurricane Irene and the subsequent house problems we discovered in the aftermath? I truly hope that this will be over in a couple of

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Craft Bazaar in Maryland on Dec. 3

If you’re looking for some shiny, hand-beaded bookmarks, hair sticks, etc., and will be in Maryland on Saturday Dec. 3, consider dropping by the Broadneck High School (just over the Severn river from the main portion of Annapolis; technically still

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Reviews coming soon!

Terribly sorry about the recent lack of reviews. Medication changes can be a pain. Now that I’m off the med that was causing me to have no energy I’ll be able to get a lot more done, including reviews. However,

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I’m on a bit of a vacation this week and next. I might drop a review or two in if I get the urge, but otherwise there’ll be a short break. See you soon, and I hope you’re having a

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More reviews soon…

A few minor issues have delayed reviews for the last couple of weeks, but there should be more very soon now! Plenty to come!

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Aiding relief efforts in Japan

One worry I always have when donating to relief efforts is: how much of my money is going to the actual cause, and how much is going to ridiculous salaries for administrators? Apparently Direct Relief International has a bequest that

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Really, Sears?

Last week we finally had to give in and replace our old washer and dryer. We deliberately did our best to nurse them along until the Labor Day sales, which worked out well. Unfortunately, our experiences dealing with Sears during

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Thank you for your patience!

I have some reviews from Rene that I’m almost ready to put up, and a few books I’m ready to review. I found out that the reason I’ve been so lame is I have anemia, but I’m gradually regaining energy

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Stuff for Gamers

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