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Asthma Cat Redux & Mother’s Day

Things have, as always, been kind of crazy. Health problems throughout the pets & family. Epic fail at getting the lawn done (first guy never showed up, second folks didn’t show, first guy showed and tried to guilt us into

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I ended up spending a good chunk of yesterday following along with the massive furor over Amazon. Here’s the short of it if you haven’t heard about it yet: Amazon decided to exclude “adult content” books from sales rankings, and

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Cluster headaches and book reviews

For many years my husband has suffered from really bad headaches. When we lived in New Hampshire they were diagnosed as sinus headaches even though decongestants didn’t really help, and certainly they seemed like particularly bad sinus headaches from many

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"Wreck This Journal," Keri Smith

Pros: Very freeing; highly unusual; childlike and playful Cons: A couple of details could have been thought out better Rating: 4 out of 5 Review book courtesy of Penguin Group..   *Sounds of disused muscles stretching* It’s been a while

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Sinister Shoes and Reviews 6-9

What is it with shoes on the side of the road? For years now I’ve seen tons of shoes just lying on roads, whether city streets, suburban drives, or highways. Often just one; occasionally two. I mentioned it to my

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Easter necklace special & 5 of 10!

RICHARD’S EASTER NECKLACE SPECIAL: Many of our lovely necklaces were made by Richard, a member of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and beading fiend. He typically works in glass or natural semi-precious gemstones. In honor of his lovely work,

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Two of Ten

Here are the first two of those ten book reviews: Virginia Kantra’s Sea Lord and Nora Roberts’s Vision in White. Both are outstanding upcoming books. The first is a modern fantasy and erotic romance, while the latter is an erotic

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After having computer troubles over the last week (turned out to be a trojan) and mostly doing a lot of reading, I now have TEN book reviews to write. Yes, ten. However, because I happened to get shipments of upcoming/just

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Human Chess

Yesterday I got to chatting with my husband and someone else about some of the hijinks that went on at MIT when I & my husband were there. One that I didn’t think of at the time but that for

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Prozac Cat

First, that promised update on where all my time has been going lately: our cats. Selene’s medical problems are under control with once-a-day medication, but she was still trying to kill her brother. So we caved and put her on

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