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If you’ve stuck with us for a while, you’ve probably noticed that now and then we have weeks that go by without reviews, then I pop back up with a note about how, finally, done with this or that medication or health problem and I can get back to reviewing. And then it happens again. I’m finally giving in to the idea that I’ll always come back to the same medication and health problems. (I’m bipolar/ADD/etc.—it’s sort of inevitable.) This doesn’t mean that I don’t plan to post reviews, nor does it mean that I’m totally closed off to the idea of getting review books. However, it does mean the following:

  • I can’t promise a review. I just can’t know whether I’ll be able to ultimately do it, and I have enough of a backlog of books to review that I could stay busy for quite a while just with those.
  • Because I can’t guarantee a review, don’t send a review copy unless you’re okay with that. I don’t want to waste your books.
  • I prefer to receive electronic review copies wherever possible—that way, if I don’t review your book, you haven’t wasted a hard copy. I do have a NetGalley account, under the email address of heather.grove at the errantdreams.com domain name. (Cookbooks are still easiest to review in hard copy, but I can certainly make do with electronic.)
  • Please don’t take offense if you don’t get a reply to your email from me. Sometimes I can keep up with email; sometimes I can’t. I can be reached through the same email address that I use with netgalley—again, heather.grove at the errantdreams.com domain name

My apologies to anyone who has sent a review copy and hasn’t gotten a review. I had a series of medication reactions in 2012 that tanked my reviewing, and things still aren’t entirely worked out. Given the vagaries of meds for mental illness, I have no way of knowing when or even if things will entirely settle down.

Given my reduced reviewing, I’d like to stick to what I know and enjoy best. That’s stuff like bio-thrillers, serial killer thrillers/mysteries, horror, SF, fantasy, paranormal, and… well, cookbooks. I’m a genre junkie. I enjoy romance and erotica, but prefer to have them mixed with another genre when possible. I love cross-genre titles (horror/SF, paranormal/thriller, fantasy/romance, etc.) in particular. Oh, we also occasionally take cookware/kitchenware/kitchen gadgets!

Thank you for your understanding!

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