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10/18/2017: Due to repeated health and medication issues, I’m not taking many new review books. Mostly I’m just reviewing books I read for pleasure, and not nearly as frequently as before. You’re welcome to contact me (heather.grove at errantdreams.com) but please don’t expect a reply, and please request a review by emailing, not by leaving a comment. My interests are primarily genre books: thriller/thriller-mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, horror. I enjoy romance when mixed with those other genres (not interested in historicals). I also like to review cookbooks.

I say what I think. If you would be upset by a negative review, then it’s best that you don’t contact me. (I give out far more positive than negative reviews, but I’d like to avoid the drama.)

I prefer digital copies of books, preferably in Kindle format (unless it’s a cookbook, in which case I much prefer hard copy. Also if it’s a cookbook, give me some time–I always make recipes). That way if I don’t get to your book for some reason I haven’t used up one of your copies.

8 comments on “Obtaining a Review
  1. When I tried to contact you through the email listed above, the mail bounced back as undeliverable. Is there another address that will work?


    David Hagerty

    • Heather says:

      Thank you for letting me know. For some reason I’m only getting some people’s emails from the address I had up; we’re still trying to figure out why. In the meantime, I’ve changed the above address–it should work now. Thanks!

  2. Helen Wolfman says:

    Your Obtaining a Review page doesn’t seem to contain any information regarding, uh, obtaining a review, though I see that you are posting new reviews. If you are accepting requests, please delineate guidelines.



  3. Would you be interested in reviewing a memoir re: a unique dog rescue? At the book website you can read Chapter 1.Thank you. Walter Stoffel

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