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Here’s the thing…

I almost always avoid talking politics here, because that just isn’t what I want from this blog or this site. Talking politics nearly always devolves into nastiness, and I want this to be a comfortable, enjoyable site to visit. I

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Wii Fit is still awesome…

I’ve had a wretched headache since sometime last night. But I hadn’t gotten on the wii fit and exercised since Thursday, so I didn’t want to skip another day. I went and did a few carefully-chosen exercises from the balance,

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Flower Photos and Hand-Made Jewelry

Although I’ve seemed relatively quiet these last few weeks, I haven’t been idle. Today’s book review is of Deidre Knight’s Red Fire, a paranormal romance involving Georgia and immortal Spartans. Really. I’ve been taking a ton of photos while out

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Five Books

I was over at Shiloh Walker’s blog reminding myself of her URL for the review I’m in the middle of writing (I just read the book she has coming out in November—-WOW!—review tomorrow). Anyway, she had a little meme there

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Upcoming & Notes, 8/21/08

Caribousmom is hosting a giveaway of David Fuller’s Sweetsmoke—you have until September 3rd! You have until September 25th to enter the contest for a copy of Acacia by David Anthony Durham from Fantasy Book Critic! Join in on Shiloh’s Five

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“Our floor is awfully popular”

I believe I mentioned that whole thing where I posted a bunch of texture images on DeviantArt. Well, hands down so far the most popular one is the hardwood floor texture, which has been downloaded 37 times in the past

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Upcoming & Notes, 7/25/08

Another giveaway: win a copy of a book that sounds highly entertaining over at the Boston Bibliophile: Bobbie Faye’s (kinda, sorta, not-exactly) Family Jewels. You have until August 7! Win a copy of Rachel Vincent’s Rogue over at F&SF reviews—you

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The Murlocs Are Coming!

“So the murlocs are after us for improper hazmat disposal?” This was, in fact, a quote from our D&D game yesterday. (3.5, in case anyone was wondering.) Of course they weren’t actual murlocs; those are from World of Warcraft. But

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Upcoming, 7/8/08

B&b ex libris is having a giveaway for a copy of Did I Expect Angels? You have until Sunday the 13th to enter! It isn’t a book, but it’s still utterly cool… enter to win a gorgeous quilt at the

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Sew Nuts

A long time ago I got (slightly) into sewing—around the time I dropped out of college, I guess. Who could blame me? All those fun colors and patterns of cloth; the ability to make things that fit YOU rather than

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Stuff for Gamers

Take a look at the shirts-n-things in our stuff for gamers store.