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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Plot Holes

We had a long weekend here, and we ended up seeing the latest Indiana Jones movie. I was able to enjoy a lot of the various scenes when taken separately, but as a whole I mostly was left with a

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Upcoming & Giveaways, 6/18/08

Check out book-blog’s MASSIVE 14-book giveaway! You have until June 20 to participate! Another reminder that Dewey’s doing her readathon again. June 28th/29th, and I highly recommend this fun event! You have until June 29 to win a book over

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Save vs. Moving Van

I think we’ve come up with a decision for approaching that possible moving quandary. We’re going to work on the house to get it ship-shape for putting on the market, which gives us time to make sure this is what

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Reviews & More

First, two new book reviews. I had a chance to read the advance uncorrected proof of Tobias Buckell’s Sly Mongoose. Books like this are why being a reviewer makes me so happy. I might not make much money, and I

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Upcoming & Giveaway Links, 5/28/08

Valentina’s room is celebrating its one year blogiversary, and you have until the 13th of June to enter to win books! More book giveaways: you have until the 14th of June to visit There’s Just No Telling! You have until

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Upcoming, 5/16/08

Susanna Carr’s Red-Hot and Royal is due out in just over two weeks! You also have until May 23 to win a copy of The Blood of Flowers. You have until Thursday June 3 to win one of 5 great

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Catching up with memes

Whoops… running behind here! Got a couple memes I’ve been tagged on. And since my brain’s a little foggy this morning, what better way to warm up? First Melissa tagged me for the 6 random details meme. I have a

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Can’t stop cooking!

The agave nectar baking book is coming along well. I look forward to telling tales of cupcakes when I write my review. Meanwhile, since I received a gorgeous pie plate to review, clearly I’ll have to make a pie from

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48 hours of reading

MotherReader is hosting the third annual 48-Hour Book Challenge. To quote: I’m setting the date for the 48 Hour Book Challenge — that special contest that allows you to read guilt-free for as long as you can stand it! I’m

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Umm, what was I saying?

I know there was something I wanted to post about, but my brain seems to be in a fog and I have no idea what it was. Oh well. I can at least link to the new site stuff. First,

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Stuff for Gamers

Take a look at the shirts-n-things in our stuff for gamers store.