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Upcoming, 4/28/08

Tate Hallaway’s Romancing the Dead is coming out in just over a week! Also, if you’re looking for an online reading group, try Reading with Becky!

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I will spare you. I will not do the ‘omg I just got a new camera and have to illustrate EVERYTHING’ thing of taking a picture of the mountain of tissues next to me. And I was only tempted to

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Picture worth a hundred books

I finally did it. Now that I have a camera, I photographed my review book pile. It’s actually got one book in it that technically isn’t a review book (it was a contest win), and it’s missing one cookbook that

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Upcoming, 4/7/08

If you like reading challenges, check out the third annual 48-hour book challenge. If you’re as addicted to cookbooks as I am, check out a challenge I can finally find the time for: Soup’s On!

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An Avalanche of Books!

I’m buried in books. I had a friend visiting over the last week and took a semi-vacation at the same time. She saw how many review books I have at the moment, and when I emailed her this morning and

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Goin’ crazy!

Today’s book review is … *Sigh* Let’s start over. That’s where the timer beeped and I had to move banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (part of testing a review cookbook!) to the cooling rack. … Take three. That’s where my

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Dewey’s Negativity Meme & More

Dewey has put up a fantastic new book meme that I just have to participate in, because it provides plenty of food for thought: the negativity meme. 1. When you dislike a book, do you say so in your blog?

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Generations of Writers & BTT

First, before I forget, today’s review is of Peggy Knickerbocker’s delightful Olive Oil from Tree to Table. Second, it’s time for the weekly Booking through Thursday meme, which I’ve actually missed for the last few weeks. Today’s meme is: How

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Upcoming & Memes, 3/12/2008

3/12: Yes, I did the six-word memoir meme. 3/13: This week’s Booking through Thursday post also includes some thoughts on the romance genre. 3/14: Dewey’s Negativity Meme & More addresses negative reviews, honesty in reviews, and more. 3/24: Don’t forget

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Seen on a Jeep’s spare tire:

Printed so that it read upside-down (yes, I can read upside-town text quite easily; it’s one of those useless skills you pick up in childhood and never quite lose): IF YOU CAN READ THIS FLIP ME BACK OVER   Today’s

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Stuff for Gamers

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