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"Purry Logic," Jane Seabrook

Pros: Hysterical drawings and quotes; the perfect gift for cat lovers Cons: Not everyone wants to pay full book price for a little gift book of art and sayings Rating: 5 out of 5 Review book courtesy of Ten Speed

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The Adrenaline-Fueled Wakeup

So there I was, drying off from my shower, when I heard a series of bumps outside the bathroom door, followed by the most unholy screeching sound you’ve ever heard in your entire life. Context: When our male cat (Cahlash)

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Reviews & More

First, two new book reviews. I had a chance to read the advance uncorrected proof of Tobias Buckell’s Sly Mongoose. Books like this are why being a reviewer makes me so happy. I might not make much money, and I

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Here’s the good thing about IKEA: while it’s true that a lot of their items are cheap in a pejorative sense, if you look around carefully you can get some great deals on some wonderful pieces of furniture. We found

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The Onslaught Begins!

Oh come on, you just knew it couldn’t last. I have a camera. I have cats. Of course this would eventually mean cat photos. If you’re insane enough to want to view lots of ’em (well okay, I’ve been trying

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The 2 am Cahlash

It’s 2 am. You’re sound asleep, ensconced on your back on a comfy bed beneath warm, fluffy blankets. Without warning, an 11-pound cat leaps from the floor and, with unerring aim, lands dead-center on your stomach, paws stiffly outstretched as

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Don’t accidentally kick over a heavy Maglite while holding a sometimes-skittish cat, even if she is a small cat. If I had a camera, this is where I’d insert the photo of my right arm with its three bandaids and

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Getting my fuzzy fix

I haven’t actually taken any cat photos in forever (one of these years we’ll get a camera, I swear), but I’m feeling the need to share a pic anyway. Even though this was taken more than three years ago, back

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Fun with Psychology–and Cats

I find psychology fascinating. It can help us to find clever and unusual ways of solving intractable problems. Take the story of Sheriff Low, for example. [Defunct link removed.] The reoffense rate in his little town has significantly dropped since

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"How It Was With Dooms," Xan and Carol Cawthra Hopcraft

It’s a beautiful story. Okay, so sometimes I get sentimental and beautiful things make me cry. But this one makes me cry every time I get to the end of the book. Every single darn time.

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