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"Super Natural Cooking," by Heidi Swanson

The recipes from this book more than prove Ms. Swanson’s skill in the creative kitchen. One of the surest signs I’ve found of a brilliant cook over the years is the ability to take a few, often mild ingredients and turn them into something that is more than the sum of its parts–a wholly new and complex flavor. This she does easily.

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"The Oldways Table: Essays & Recipes from the Culinary Think Tank," K. Dun Gifford, Sara Baer-Sinnott, et al

Since the recipes are the lesser part of the book by volume and by quality-control, I’d primarily recommend this book to those interested in reading and learning about healthy, sustainable food choices. If you have the experience in the kitchen to trouble-shoot any mistakes you find, then certainly do make the recipes–they’re quite delicious and enjoyable!

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"Frozen Assets Lite & Easy," Deborah Taylor-Hough

The overall judgment is that these recipes are a bit more bland than her others, but definitely good.

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