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Review: EMP Blackout Super Boxset part 1: James Hunt

Pros: Interesting premise Cons: A handful of odd choices Rating: 2.5 out of 5 James Hunt’s portion of the EMP Blackout Super Boxset poses the question: what happens when the power goes out? An EMP has been used to wreck

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Review: “Promise: The Scarred Girl,” Maya Shepherd

Pros: Could be worse Cons: So many details (large and small) don’t make sense; unlikable characters Rating: 2 out of 5 Note: as I understand it what I read was a translation of a book that was originally published in

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Non-Review: “The Infernal Lands,” J.C. Staudt

NOTE: Review book provided by author   I do a “non-review” when I couldn’t finish a book. I won’t review it on Amazon or GoodReads, but I don’t mind telling you here why I chose not to finish. There are

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