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Out of Context

There’s a meme going around the book blogging community that goes roughly like this: you open a book to a certain page, find a line a certain number of sentences into that page, and then quote the next several sentences.

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Down Below

You wake up one morning to find that a deep crevasse has opened up in front of your house. What do you find inside of it?   Obviously this can go in almost any direction, from the completely mundane to

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The Fall Guy

It’s been a while since I gave you an image-based prompt, and I came across a piece of artwork recently that I simply must share. I particularly love images of people for the kind of intensity and personality they can

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The Disappearing Gold

My grandfather, who moved to the United States from Holland when my mother was just a child, had some interesting habits. One of them, apparently, was to keep several gold bars which he buried somewhere on his property. Now and

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Who makes your day?

I got tagged for a you make my day meme in which you’re meant to note ten bloggers who make your day for one reason or another. I occasionally like to indulge in this sort of meme for a couple

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Wacky Cut-and-Paste

This morning I couldn’t resist sharing a few thoughts about certain aspects of the Cassie Edwards plagiarism scandal over at my personal blog. Apparently she took dry lines from textbook research on ferrets and copy-pasted them wholesale as pillow-talk dialogue

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Character Questions: The Letter C

Here’s another round of a few questions you can ask of one of your fictional characters to help you flesh him or her out a bit more. The number you decide to answer will probably depend on how much detail

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Honor and Integrity

Here I shall quote from something my husband once wrote: If you don’t act with integrity all the time, where does it begin and end? Do you start acting honorably when you leave the house in the morning? On the

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Perhaps you’ve heard about today’s crop of helpless youngsters. Free-write for five to fifteen minutes exploring a character based on a prototypical member of this group. Then, drop him or her into a dangerous situation, and see how he or

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Character Questions: Friendships

One of my favorite ways to flesh out a character is to ask him or her one or more questions and see what answers emerge. You can conduct this like an interview in your mind, or you can free-write in

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