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You know (x) when (y)…

You know you’ve been receiving too many review books when the FedEx guy thanks you for keeping him in a job. You know you review too many books when a relative tells you they might be gluten sensitive and the

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Lost in the Ruins

Okay, I didn’t get a review written yesterday. But I have two books read & ready to be reviewed for this coming week (one fiction, one non-), and a cookbook almost ready (cooked from, but I need to read more

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Re-Imagining, Part I

Many things have changed since we first started selling shirts & stuff through cafepress at Gamers’ Heaven and Caffeinated Chicanery. I have a better sense of what will translate well from my screen to a T-shirt, mug, or poster. Cafepress

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Goin’ crazy!

Today’s book review is … *Sigh* Let’s start over. That’s where the timer beeped and I had to move banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (part of testing a review cookbook!) to the cooling rack. … Take three. That’s where my

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Seen on a Jeep’s spare tire:

Printed so that it read upside-down (yes, I can read upside-town text quite easily; it’s one of those useless skills you pick up in childhood and never quite lose): IF YOU CAN READ THIS FLIP ME BACK OVER   Today’s

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*sings* It’s a small world after all…

Last week I wrote an entry in my Epiphanies blog (it’s a place for posting writers’ exercises and such for people to play with) that explored my grandfather’s history just a tiny bit. He’s one of those people who has

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A plethora of shirts

But first… the latest book review is of Phoebe Atwood Taylor’s The Perennial Boarder. Also, since people have been asking me for more detail about the bar code scanner option over at LibraryThing after I mentioned it the other day,

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Soups and Games

Today’s review is of Mollie Katzen’s Recipes: Soups. It’s good, but it didn’t bowl me over. Which is too bad, because it’s exactly the kind of food I could use right now. Since most of our old WoW guild has

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Level 70 & the Red Lion Inn

We were taken by surprise when our Level 70 Mom design turned out to be the runaway success of this year’s holiday season at our Cafepress store; we made it in time for Mother’s Day this year, but apparently the

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The Pastry Queen

Just a quick note to point you to today’s review, the first of the holiday cookbook reviews: The Pastry Queen Christmas. YUM! Also introducing: the Gamers’ Heaven Holiday 2007 sale section and the Caffeinated Chicanery Holiday 2007 sale section! Enjoy

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Stuff for Gamers

Take a look at the shirts-n-things in our stuff for gamers store.