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Roberts knows her audience

One of the most important things, when writing a book, is to know your audience. When asking yourself who you’re writing for, it’s never a good idea to say ‘everyone.’ Sure, some books have a much wider and more mainstream

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Conveying Emotion

Yesterday I reviewed Rebecca York’s Ghost Moon, and it got me to thinking about how writers convey emotion to their readers. One truism I’ve seen repeated by a handful of romance & erotica writers is that if the writer isn’t

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If you’re a non-fiction writer: What’s the biggest disappointment you’ve ever faced? Free-write for 10 minutes. If you’re a fiction writer, pick a character and: What’s the biggest disappointment he or she has ever faced? Free-write for 10 minutes, or

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Bad Dialogue

Today, spend 10 minutes free-writing every stereotypically bad line of dialogue you can think of. These could be genre-inspired (think of the worst examples of the romance, horror, fantasy, or adventure genres, for example), from TV, from novels, from movies…

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After an extended absence

I apologize for the length of time between posts; it’s been a crazy month! Anniversaries; endoscopies; cooking and planting; furniture shopping; reading like crazy; T-shirt redesigning like crazy… time flies! So today, let’s play with the concept of absence. Imagine

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Gender Roles

This morning I got to thinking about gender roles in some books. So today, I’m going to suggest that you grab a sheet of paper and a pen, set a timer for 10-20 minutes, and write about gender roles in

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Connect the Dots (BTT)

Today, I’m going to share with you a prompt from the wonderful weekly site Booking Through Thursday, which they call simply ‘writing challenge’ and I’ll call connecting the dots. Here’s what they have to say: Pick up the nearest book.

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The Power of Ritual

Writers of all people tend to be familiar with the power of ritual in one’s life. After all—that’s one of the reasons behind engaging in writer’s prompts. The familiarity of ritual can help to put one in a particular mindset,

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Snow and Sand

Write a brief scene in which both snow and sand make an appearance. Yes, this prompt really is just that simple. There are dozens of ways to spice it up or restrict it further, however, if that isn’t enough for

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Modern Dentistry

Since I’m about to head off to the dentist’s in an hour or so (for my first filling in 20 or so years), I have dentistry on the brain. What’s the state of dentistry and other medicine in your fictional

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