Thanksgiving 1999 Menu

Recipes are rated with one to four asterisks — the more, the better!


Main Course, Stuffings, and Sauces



  • Basic Sourdough (Bread Machine) Bread from “Sourdough Baking; Fabulous Recipes for Bread Machines and Traditional Methods” (this is the bread we used for stuffing) (Buy from Amazon or read our review)***
  • Cheddar Cheese Biscuits from “The Holidays Cookbook” (Buy from Amazon or read our review)***
  • Olive Oil Garlic Bread from “The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook”–make sure to let the oil soak overnight; otherwise the garlic flavor is too raw and it doesn’t soak through the whole loaf (Buy from Amazon)***
  • Sweet Potato Pecan Bread from “The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook”–oh, uh, if you forget that you need pecans for this and accidentally use them to make an extra batch of spiced pecans, walnuts will substitute just fine! (Buy from Amazon)**
  • Orange Cranberry Nut Bread from “The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook” (Buy from Amazon)**

Side Dishes

  • Creole Tomato Salad from “Emeril’s TV Dinners” — it’s almost impossible to get sweet onions at this time of year! Mind you, the recipe will work fine with a few red onion rings, or if you replace the onion with more tomato. Btw, we just chopped everything up and shredded the cheese and served it as a salad. (Buy from Amazon)****
  • Cranberry Relish with Pears and Apples from “The Holidays Cookbook” — if you forget to buy pears (not like anything such as that would happen, of course!), it works fine if you chop up a couple of extra apples and some of the strawberries left over from making the chocolate roll cake with strawberry fool (Buy from Amazon or read our review)***
  • Golden Squash and Mushroom Bake from “The Big Book of Casseroles” (Buy from Amazon)**
  • Italian Potato Casserole from “The Big Book of Casseroles” (Buy from Amazon)**
  • Pumpkin Soup from “Le Cordon Bleu Home Collection: Soups” (Buy from Amazon)****
  • Indonesian Marinated Cucumbers****


Cookbooks we used repeatedly

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