The Roleplaying Game Stealth Menu — Healthy Eating

  • Crab bisque
  • Garlic broccoli
  • Blueberry-cherry bread
  • Vanilla pudding

We’re trying, we’re really trying, to eat a little more healthily. It’s difficult when there are so many foods with heavy cream in them that taste so good.

This week we think we succeeded in eating healthy. But we did it so stealthily that no one could tell from the taste. (And unless you can’t tell, it just isn’t worth it.) We consider healthy eating to be a wonderful challenge. We don’t like most traditional healthy foods – they often lack flavor – so we try to find ways to eat healthy without sacrificing flavor.

This week we had a crab bisque. I know, that doesn’t sound healthy. But we used soy milk instead of the traditional heavy cream to finish it. Believe it or not, it worked wonderfully! If anything, it just added a nice, subtle flavor to the soup that was quite good. We’re as amazed as you are, I’m sure.

Then we had a garlic broccoli recipe, from The Sneaky Kitchen. We added a half-tablespoon of butter to the recipe, and pressed the garlic instead of mincing it so there’d be more flavor. By the time we were done, you couldn’t even taste the broccoli. (A tip from a friend – don’t inhale the garlic!)

We made blueberry-cherry bread in the bread machine – the orange juice in the recipe gives it a wonderful tart taste!

And we made a vanilla pudding, again from The Sneaky Kitchen. I’d recommend running it through a strainer after it cooks and before you mix it with the cream cheese, just because anything with cornstarch will develop one or two lumps. I’d also increase the sugar to 3/4 cup from 2/3, or mix a little maple syrup in with the vanilla.

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