The Stealth Menu

We’ve been trying to be healthier lately, with that points system from Weight Watchers as our guide (no challenge to trademark intended, blah blah, etc.). So we’re always looking for ways to cook healthy but have wonderful food.

This is our approximately-six-point dinner menu, for a night when you’ve just had too many other pointful things during the day to be able to afford a high-point dinner. Uh, for you non-dieting people, all you have to know is that this is remarkably low-fat, yet very filling and quite satisfying. It is a bit heavy on potato content, but if you’re like us then that probably won’t bother you. If you’re worries about carbs… well, try a different menu!

First comes the Bacon Rosti. This is a big, wonderful potato pancake sort of thing with bits of bacon throughout, and it’s very yummy. One-eighth of the thing is one serving (about 2 points). We recommend that you start by doing the potato-boiling for this recipe, then letting the potatoes cool while you roast the potatoes and garlic for the soup.

Next comes the Roasted Garlic and Potato Soup. Again, approximately one-eighth of the soup will probably be a serving. That isn’t enough for a huge bowl, but then this is meant to be a side dish (about 2 points again). This dish takes a little time to make, as squeezing all of the roasted garlic out is a somewhat time-consuming and messy process. It’s worth it!

Finally comes the Apple Brandy Sorbet, from Gelato Sorbet and Ice Cream – a fabulously wonderful little cookbook. I heartily recommend it. It’s a wonderful sorbet with lots of bits of fresh apple in it. This is probably the first dish you want to work on, while the potatoes for the rosti are boiling. That way it’ll have a little more time to freeze before dessert. If you have the time, it might even be easier to make it the night before.

When it comes down to it, it’s actually pretty easy to make low-fat food really filling and tasty. It just takes a little work. We hope we can make it a little easier for you by doing a little of the work for you. Enjoy!

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