Writing Exercise: Tattoos

Tattoos are just one of many interesting and unusual ways to add to a character. Consider using one here or there where appropriate.

  • #16a. List out as many interesting tattoo designs as you can think of.
  • #16b. Take the list from part a and write a little bit about each tattoo. What might it indicate about the person who has it? Where is it worn? Is it covered by clothing or not?
  • #16c. Make a list of your characters. Which ones would be willing to get a tattoo? Which ones actually have gotten one? What would the tattoo be? How do they feel about their tattoos? Are they ashamed of them? Do they hide them or display them?
  • #16d. Find some web sites, books or magazines about tattoos. Find pictures of people with tattoos. Print, photocopy, cut out, and otherwise save these pictures. If you have any artistic talent, draw your characters’ tattoos. Use these pictures when brainstorming characters.
  • #16e. How has having a tattoo impacted this person’s life? How has it impacted others’ views of her, her ability to get a job, and so on?
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