Writing Exercise: The Portal

A portal has just opened up in front of you. You step through. Where do you find yourself? If you’re a fiction writer, you can use one of your characters in place of yourself in these exercises.

Portal Variations

  • #11a. What does the portal structure look like? Is it simply a hole in the air? Is it an elaborate technological structure? Is it invisible? Does it look ancient or new? What materials is it made of?
  • #11b. Can you see what lies beyond the portal? What does it look like from here? If not, what do you see?
  • #11c. What would you want to do first? Would you just step through? Would you run off to tell someone? Would you collect practical items first?
  • #11d. What would you take along for the ride?
  • #11e. Who would you bring with you, if anyone? Why?
  • #11f. What are your first thoughts when you see the portal?

The Other Side

  • #11g. What’s the first thing you see when you reach the other side? Describe the scene as vividly as though you were standing there.
  • #11h. Are you on another world? Are you on another version of your own world? Are you in a fictional world? Are you on another part of your own world? Are you somewhere entirely different?
  • #11i. Who do you encounter on this side of the portal?
  • #11j. Write up the events of a full day on this side of the portal as though it were a journal entry.
  • #11k. What happens next?
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