Writing Exercise: Travel

Pick a place that you’ve always wanted to go to, but preferably haven’t actually visited. Write about it. Alternatively, take this exercise from the point of view of one of your characters. What is her dream vacation spot?

  • #10a. Describe your ideal image of the place. Imagine that it’s as perfect as the best daydreams you’ve ever had about it.
  • #10b. Now imagine that it turns out to be horribly disappointing. What is it like?
  • #10c. Now be practical about it. It isn’t perfect; it isn’t horrible. What is it like?
  • #10d. Pick different ways to write about your dream vacation spot. Write a poem about it. Write a travel guide. Write a story set in that location. Write journal entries from your imaginary trip there. Write a news story about events there.
  • #10e. Imagine that your ideal location contains a hidden danger. What is it?

New Details

Now do some research on the location. Read a travel guide. Read web sites. Watch a video. Visit the place if you can.

  • #10f. Describe the place again. What differences do you see in your writing?
  • #10g. Underline or jot down interesting real details about the location. What plot twists and story ideas can you get out of them?

The Mythology Of An Area

Do some research into the mythology of the area. Check out the religion, myths, legends, and anything else fantastical and amazing.

  • #10h. What if all of the myths were true? Imagine what the area would be like today if this were the case. Write about it.
  • #10i. Pick a myth or legend that interests you and write about it. Write a poem about it, work it into a story, or write an article about it.
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