Resources for Roleplaying a Mental Illness

As we’ve mentioned in earlier articles, if you’re going to experiment with the exploration of mental illness in your roleplaying games, then it helps to do at least a little research. Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there from which to get information.

Online Resources

Not everyone who experiments with the subject of mental illness wants to go out and buy a $50 book on the subject! Luckily there are a number of web sites that contain information on various mental illnesses. A web search is also a decent way to find information; when I was looking for resources on specific disorders, I usually found what I was looking for on the first page of search results. Here are some specific sites you might find handy:


These are just some of the basic books with well-hashed-out descriptions of a variety of mental disorders. The DSM-IV is the ultimate handbook of mental illnesses and is highly recommended; the rest of the books are mostly meant to make dealing with the DSM-IV a little easier.

Additional Resources for the Psychology or Psychiatry Enthusiast

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