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Standard disclaimer: this is meant to supplement the “Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game” put out by the Alderac Entertainment Group; no challenge to copyright or trademark is intended.

Special copyright addendum/alteration for this article: in this case, you should feel free to pass around the .xls and .pdf versions of the outline as much as you want. Put them up on other websites or forums or whatever. It would be nice if you attributed the list to us and linked back, but it’s just a listing of charts with page references, so in this case it isn’t a big deal if you don’t. Just don’t claim it as your own work, okay?

Whether I’m creating a mission or actively running a game, I often have to find charts and information quickly. The “Stargate SG-1” RPG has so many different pieces of equipment, actions you can take, etc. that it’s impossible for me to remember it all. This isn’t a complaint — I love the fact that there seems to be a guideline for almost anything you could want. However, looking for a chart in the middle of game can really slow things down, and the index doesn’t always have what I want, or have it where I expect to find it. I’d mark the edges of pages with sticky notes, but there are too many useful pages! So, my solution is this chart and information listing.

It’s just a simple index of those charts and pieces of information I believe might be useful during either mission creation or game-play. You can always remove anything you don’t need to look up, or add things you do need to look up that aren’t in there. Hopefully I didn’t mis-write too many page numbers. I’ve divided up the charts and such by what they’re related to in order to make it easy to find the right chart listing quickly.

You can also download the listing in PDF or MS Excel:

Hopefully I’ll at least update the downloadable files now and then with info from new books, but that depends on time, motivation, and what books I can afford! Speaking of which, these are the books covered so far:

Chart Type Chard Name Book Page
Character charts Ability score modifiers Main rulebook 138
  Action dice per level Main rulebook 154
  Disposition checks Main rulebook 421
  Inter-species relations modifiers Main rulebook 451
  Morale charts Main rulebook 422-423
  Movement and distance on foot Main rule book 442
  Specialty modifiers Main rulebook 143
    Season One 128
    Season Two 134
  Species modifiers Main rulebook 149
    Season Two 134
Encounter charts Attack modifiers Main rulebook 367
  Awareness checks Main rulebook 393-394
  Combat action quick-reference Main rulebook 358
  Cover and concealment Main rulebook 368
  Fluid initiative modifiers Main rulebook 358
  Sample critical miss effects for weapons Main rulebook 391
Mission design charts Diseases and poisons Main rulebook 440
  Encounter levels Main rulebook 455
  Environmental dangers Main rulebook 432
  Mission options Main rulebook 406
  Random mission generation Main rulebook 452
  Sample scenery Main rulebook 436
  Sensors Main rulebook 437
  Traps Main rulebook 438
  Weather dangers Main rulebook 434
World creation charts Atmosphere Main rulebook 443
  Biosphere–Climate-based terrain Main rulebook 446
  Biosphere–Seasons Main rulebook 447
  Geosphere–Basic terrain Main rulebook 445
  Geosphere–Tectonic activity Main rulebook 445
  Hydrosphere Main rulebook 444
  Thermosphere Main rulebook 442
Race creation charts Anthrosphere–Civil rights Main rulebook 449
  Anthrosphere–Government Main rulebook 449
  Anthrosphere–Military outlook Main rulebook 448
  Anthrosphere–Technological development Main rulebook 448
  Anthrosphere–Xenophobia Main rulebook 449
  Origin–Culture age and roots Main rulebook 450
Skill use charts Balance DCs and modifiers Main rulebook 185-186
  Bluff check DCs and modifiers Main rulebook 187
  Boating DCs and modifiers Main rulebook 187-188
  Bureaucracy DCs and modifiers Main rulebook 188
  Class and cross-class skills Main rulebook 190
  Climbing DCs Main rulebook 191
  Computer damage and repair Main rulebook 199
  Computer data and research check Main rulebook 193
  Computer programming options Main rulebook 194-197
  Concentration DCs Main rulebook 200
  Craft DCs Main rulebook 200
  Cultures DCs Main rulebook 201-202
  Disguise check modifiers and details Main rulebook 205-206
  Drive DCs Main rulebook 206
  Electronic devices–disarm, disable, operate, repair Main rulebook 208
  Escape artist DCs–grapples, restraints Main rulebook 209
  Forgery DCs and modifiers Main rulebook 213
  Hide modifiers Main rulebook 214
  Innuendo Main rulebook 215
  Jump leaping checks Main rulebook 216
  Knowledge focus DCs Main rulebook 217
  Language DCs Main rulebook 219
  Listen check DCs Main rulebook 221
  Mechanical devices — disarm, disable, operate, repair Main rulebook 222
  Move silently DCs Main rulebook 224
  Open lock DCs Main rulebook 225
  Perform DCs and checks Main rulebook 226-227
  Pilot DCs Main rulebook 227-228
  Search/detection DCs Main rulebook 229-230
  Slight of hand DCs and modifiers Main rulebook 232
  Spot and surveillance DCs and modifiers Main rulebook 233
  Survival DCs Main rulebook 234-235
  Swim DCs Main rulebook 235
  Xeno-cultures DCs and modifiers Main rulebook 237
  Xeno-languages DCs Main rulebook 238-239
Miscellaneous charts Environmental visibility Main rulebook 396
  General odds of success with DCs Main rulebook 388
  Size modifiers Main rulebook 352
  Speed conversion Main rulebook 441
  Terrain and movement Main rulebook 442
Gear and Item charts Alien Equipment Season One 175
  Alien armor Season One 175
    Living Gods 147
  Armor Main rulebook 321
  Breaking items Main rulebook 366
  Computers etc. Main rulebook 300
  Communication gear Main rulebook 300
  Equipment qualities Main rulebook 306
  Explosives Main rulebook 301
  Gear durability and concealment Main rulebook 296
  Medical supplies Main rulebook 301
    Season One 174
  Power supplies Main rulebook 233
  Recording gear DCs Main rulebook 302
  Sensors Main rulebook 302
    Season One 174
  Suits Main Rulebook 304
    Season One 174
    Season Two 154
  Survival equipment Main rulebook 303
    Season One 174
  Tools Main rulebook 305
Weapon charts Alien weapons Main rulebook 346
    Season One 175
    Living Gods 148
    Season Two 154
    First Steps 109
  Firearms Main rulebook 334
    Season One 173
  Firearms ammo Main rulebook 337
    Season One 173
  Firearms, low-tech First Steps 109
  Firearm ammo, low-tech First Steps 109
  Hurled weapons Main rulebook 329
  Melee weapons Main rulebook 327
  Primitive weapons Main rulebook 331
  Sample critical miss effects for weapons Main rulebook 391
  Self destruct blast damage First Steps 124
  Standard-issue weapons by team type Season One 167
  Tactical weapons and ammo Main rulebook 340
    Season One 174
  Telescopic sight effects Main rulebook 320
  Weapon accessories Main rulebook 306
  Weapon qualities Main rulebook 324
Vehicle charts Master vehicle guide table First Steps 157, 160
  Moving and fighting outside a vehicle First Steps 158
  Sample critical failure effects, by vehicle type First Steps 159
  Self destruct blast damage First Steps 124
  Space travel time First Steps 71
  Vehicle critical effects First Steps 174
  Vehicular maneuver options by facing First Steps 170
  Vehicular ordnance First Steps 166-168
  Vehicular ordnance qualities First Steps 168
  Water vehicle leaks/sinking water vehicles First Steps 158

I also made up a listing for information sections I find useful. Some of them look like duplicates of the above, but information on a subject isn’t always found with the related chart, so I like to have both listings.

Type Section Book Page
Characters Classes Main rulebook 154
    First Steps 89
  Creating an NPC Main rulebook 407
  Disposition system Main rulebook 420
  Feats Main rulebook 240
    Season One 137
    Living Gods 142
    Season Two 141
    First Steps 99
  Goa’uld and Ashrak creation; larvae Main rulebook 414
  Morale system Main rulebook 422
  NPC character classes Main rulebook 408
    Season One 157
    Living Gods 151
    Season Two 166
  Prestige classes Main rulebook 168
    Season One 130
    Living Gods 140; 159
    Season Two 139
    First Steps 90
  Rank Main rulebook 282
  Skills and Skill uses Main rulebook 180
    Season One 135
    Living Gods 142
    Season Two 141
    First Steps 94
  Specialty Main rulebook 139
    Season One 122
    Living Gods 130
    Season Two 128
    First Steps 78
  Species Main rulebook 146
    Season One 126
    Living Gods 136; 138
    Season Two 130; 137
    First Steps 87
  System Lord construction Living Gods 167
Encounters Attack actions Main rulebook 362
  Attack modifiers Main rulebook 367
  Chases First Steps 137
  Combat reference sheet Main rulebook 356
  Combat sequence Main rulebook 355
  Fauna First Steps 113
  Healing Main rulebook 382
  Injury and death Main rulebook 378
  Miscellaneous common actions during combat Main rulebook 375
  Movement Main rulebook 372
  Special attacks and damage — grenade, grapple, unarmed, blast… Main rulebook 368
  Vehicular ambushes First Steps 154
  Vehicular combat First Steps 137
Mission design Assigning experience Main rulebook 407
  Creating an NPC Main rulebook 407
  Diseases and poisons Main rulebook 398
  Goa’uld and Ashrak creation; larvae Main rulebook 414
  Mission design Main rulebook 406
  NPC character classes Main rulebook 408
  Sensors and traps Main rulebook 397
Miscellaneous Action dice Main rulebook 274
  Spending resource points Main rulebook 341
Items and Gear Alien artifacts, equipment, gear Main rulebook 418
    Season One 143
    Living Gods 144
    Season Two 146
    First Steps 105
  Alien armor Living Gods 145
  Alien fleets First Steps 75
  Bundles Main rulebook 286
    Season One 168
    Season Two 161
  Equipment descriptions Main rulebook 309
    Season One 141
    Season Two 146
    First Steps 104
  Equipment qualities Main rulebook 308
  Gear Main rulebook 295
  Gear basics Main rulebook 279
  General equipment rules Main rulebook 297
  Vehicle descriptions First Steps 134
  Vehicle rules First Steps 114
  Vehicle qualities First Steps 117
Weapons Alien weapons Season One 172
    Living Gods 147
  Firearms Main rulebook 332
    Season One 143; 167
  Hurled and improvised weapons Main rulebook 328
  Melee weapons Main rulebook 326
  New and revised weapon bundles Season One 168
  Primitive weapons Main rulebook 330
  Tactical weapons Main rulebook 338
  Vehicle Ordnance First Steps 126
  Vehicle Ordnance Ammunition First Steps 130
  Weapon qualities Main rulebook 324
Specialty rules Rules surrounding events in individual episodes Season One 154
    Living Gods 149
    Season Two 154
    First Steps 108
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