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I decided to use a blog system with comments for my reviews because I often get questions about my reviews and believe it would be good to share those questions and their answers with all the readers of the reviews. The comment system will also allow for additional information to be provided by myself and others.

Examples of comment content I’d love to see would be:

  • Constructive feedback regarding reviews.
  • Notes regarding recall notices in the case of gadgets and appliances.
  • Links to other reviews on the same product.
  • Further questions that weren’t answered in the review, and their answers.
  • My updates as I use products more over the years and gather more data on them.
  • Links to the websites of the authors of the books reviewed.

What I don’t want to see:

  • Commercial content/spam thinly disguised (or not-so-disguised) as helpful content. I don’t mind if you want to link to your own review of the same product as long as it appears to be an actual review (not a copy of the back cover text or bit of propaganda fluff) and you preferably include a link back.
  • Unconstructive bashing. I don’t mind you taking issue with something I or other commenters have said, but keep it polite. Absolutely NO comment wars.
  • Random unrelated cruft.
  • Comments that are full additional reviews. Feel free to add a detail or two or agree or disagree with something I’ve said, but please don’t turn comments into your personal review posting area.
  • Affiliate and referral links.

Moderation of comments has been turned on, so comments must be approved before going up. I’d really like to keep the full content of all reviews useful to readers, and that does include comments. Thank you!

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