It’s 12:30 am…

…and here I am, playing with blogging software instead of sleeping, and trying to undo all the typing errors that come with lack of sleep and fever. Sore throat, oh joy.

Things have been so hectic of late that my husband and I decided to forego our diet for a week or two, to be followed starting next week by two weeks of re-doing phase I (of the South Beach diet). This little straying from the path has shown me just how much good the diet has done for me. My blood sugar has been a lot cruddier, with my hypoglycemia kicking in pretty fast if a meal is late. I can feel how cruddy a sugar rush is for my body. Blargh. I’m certainly noticing the difference, and I think it’ll make it easier than ever for me to go back on the diet and stay on it.

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