Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave in World of Warcraft (found in Un’goro crater) is a surprisingly stunning sight when you come across it in-game. The crystalline formations really do glow brightly with striking colors, and the first time I saw it, it took my breath away.

Imagine that you (or a fictional character you’ve already created) are on a hiking trip through a secluded forest in a mountainous region. You stop for lunch and see a cave entrance. Flashlight (or lantern) held high, you enter the cave to see what’s there–and your light is reflected and magnified a hundred times over by the crystal formations that line the walls in pockets.

  • What else do you stumble across in this cave?
  • Describe the cave using all five senses.
  • What happens next?

Free-write for twenty minutes. Be random, write it as fiction, or write it as a first-person narration or even a diary entry (or travelogue).

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