Going Traveling

If you could go absolutely anywhere that you haven’t been before, where would you go? Imagine that you’re being given this opportunity and that you have to leave tomorrow. You can only stay there for one week before you have to return. Answer the following questions:

  • Where are you going, and why?
  • Whom would you take with you, if anyone? Why? (Limit of two people–if that leaves anyone out, how would you make your choice?)
  • What would you take with you? Why? (Limit of two standard suitcases and one over-the-shoulder bag, purse or backpack.)
  • What would you do while you’re there? Why? (Budget limit of $15,000 or equivalent, not including accomodations and travel. If this limits your activities, how do you make your choices?)
  • Where would you stay while you’re there? Why? (No limits on this one!)

Some of you may have thought of this already, but note that I have put absolutely no limits on where you could go. Paris? Sure. Ancient Rome? No problem. A future space station? Of course. Your favorite fantasy world or TV world? Go for it! I also haven’t specified how you get there–cruise ship, airplane, car, horse, time travel device, space shuttle, magical portal–it’s all fair game. Enjoy!

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