"Nuwisha," for Werewolf; James A. Moore, White Wolf Games

Pros: Absolutely gorgeous
Cons: Not so many rules crunchies
Rating: 5 out of 5

First published 10/15/1997
Previously published on RPGNet

“Nuwisha” is the kind of book you read aloud to your friends. Not just the kind of book that you’ll want to read to them, but the kind of book that you will read to them, because the stories and legends within it are so beautiful you won’t be able to stop yourself. This book displays a clarity of vision lacking in most gaming books. It has a distinct flavor to it, a unique voice, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a good read, whether or not they play “Werewolf: the Apocalypse.”

In “Nuwisha” you’re playing a were-coyote in a werewolf’s world. Your calling is to teach others, through tricks and pranks (“tricks” being for friends, “pranks” being for enemies). Most of the rest of the world doesn’t see the teaching part of it, and only notices the tricks and the pranks. Nuwisha are always in hiding – they have a lot of enemies. And even though this description makes them all sound the same, they’re far from it. The Nuwisha follow the Trickster in all of his guises (Kokopelli, Oghma, Loki, etc.), and each form he takes is unique and different, with its own personality and priorities.

Some of the more rules-oriented gamers out there might find this book thin, but there’s much meat for thought, and a little creativity put together with the ideas in this book will go a long way. When I first saw the book I was put off by the price-to-length ratio, but I got more value out of this book than most other supplements I’ve paid for. This will be an invaluable sourcebook to any Storyteller looking for new and interesting plots and NPCs. Me, I want to put one into my Mage chronicle.

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