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Most writers seem to have a favorite writing instrument or type of writing instrument. Maybe it’s a ball point pen, a mechanical pencil, a fancy Cross pen, a blue crayon, a green marker, or who-knows-what. Perhaps it’s a calligraphy pen that takes ink cartridges, or an old cheap disposable pen that has long since run out of ink yet that has sentimental value to it.

Pick your own favorite writing instrument and set it on a table in front of you; simply stare at it for a few moments, taking in every physical detail about it. Pick it up and handle it, feeling its weight, balance and texture.

Set a timer for ten minutes and free-write about the physical details of your writing instrument. Note everything you possibly can. Let your writing take you where it wills.

Next, set the timer for another ten minutes and free-write about the past and present emotional details of your writing instrument. What does it mean to you and why?

Finally, set the timer for a final ten minutes and free-write about the possibilities your writing instrument represents to you.

Optional variation: if you don’t have a favorite writing instrument, spend that first period of time visualing your perfect writing instrument–what it would look like, what it would feel like, and what you would do with it.

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