Rainbow on Fire

Photo in the News: Rare “Rainbow” Spotted Over Idaho

This one’s a pretty darn simple prompt: Look at the photo in the article linked to above, set a timer for 15 minutes, and start free-writing. If you want to do something more specific with this, use one of the following formats:

  • Imagine that the phenomenon in the image appears in a piece of fiction you’re currently writing, a fiction world you like to set your stories in, or, if you have neither, your favorite world used by another author. Start writing.
  • Pick a specific genre (fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, science fiction, Western, romance, mystery, etc.) and work the phenomenon or image into that.
  • Imagine that the image shown is the first scene in a first-person narration. Write the first page of this narration.
  • Imagine that the image is part of a prophecy. Write up the prophecy and/or explore what happens when the phenomenon finally comes to pass.

Link found on FARK. Since many images online eventually go missing, in the eventuality that you click on the above link and don’t find anything, imagine a blue sky and a fan-shaped wispy cloud that stretches across most of the sky. The cloud itself is a rainbow.

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