Reviewing Update

Just a little update to keep you apprised of the reviews situation. I’m currently evaluating a piece of software for writers called Storyweaver; it’s fairly extensive and I don’t want to give it short shrift, so it’s taking some time. I’m still reading the “Handbook of Magazine Article Writing” (it’s a dense and interesting book!) and have a handful of other writing books to follow it, including “Novelist’s Boot Camp,” “3 am Epiphany,” “The Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifer,” and “Between the Lines.”

In addition I have the “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Psychology”, and I splurged on some fiction–primarily some of Patricia McKillip’s more recent work, but I should also read a book of Anne Bishop’s short fiction that my husband just finished with (airplane reading). And in a rare moment of weakness caused by actually laughing out loud at the description in an email I received from an author, I accepted a children’s ebook for review. I also plan to review the Popcap game “Bejeweled 2” at some point soon; when my mother visited I apparently got her addicted, and my husband is addicted as well!

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