The Spam Game

These days I think everyone gets a ton of spam, even if it gets dumped in a spam folder somewhere. One of the newer spam subject line formats I’ve seen is the randomized combination of several unrelated words. This can result in some fairly entertaining and bizarre subject lines.

Look through your own spam folder and find one of these emails. Imagine for a moment that the subject line is accurate to the product being sold. Set a timer for ten minutes and write an advertisement (as serious or over-the-top as you’d like) for the product described by that heading!

In case you don’t have any of these messages sitting around (lucky you!) here are some actual email headers I’ve received recently:

  • childless operationally
  • closet neigh
  • comfortable medalist
  • condensation criticize
  • degeneration kingdom
  • detention reappear
  • edit hammering
  • liberate satin
  • pane authenticity
  • plane coach
  • reiteration showroom
  • rib cesarean section
  • scant prevailing
  • tadpole jagged

If necessary you can change the word form of one or more of the words (such as “degenerating kingdom” instead of “degeneration kingdom”) or reverse the ordering of the words (“jagged tadpole” instead of “tadpole jagged”), but try to stick as closely as possible to the original header.

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