This Moment Brought to You by Comcast

betapundit: Comcast Tech caught sleeping on the job

I wasn’t planning to make another post today; severe headache pain is somewhat inhibiting when it comes to, well, much of anything. But the movie found at the above link, which of course I found on FARK, was so perfect that I had to share. Laughter cures all ills, as they say. (Who is this ubiquitous “they,” anyway?)

We’ve certainly had our own Comcast moments, but nothing quite as surprising as what you’ll see here.

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2 comments on “This Moment Brought to You by Comcast
  1. michael says:

    Thanks for the link! Great site. Keep rockin!

  2. Heather says:

    You’re welcome and thank you! Nice use of the music in that video. 😀

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