Unlikely pairings

I admit it, I read TV Guide. Its small-article format is great for reading over a quick lunch, and reading the guide makes it easier to find out about those few shows I actually want to watch–not to mention the occasions when the networks muck with their schedules without much warning. Sometimes I enjoy it for other reasons, however.

There’s a little feature in the “new” TV Guide format that includes a horoscope (not really my thing, but when I want a little reading over my cereal, it’ll do). That horoscope includes a sidebar pairing two celebrities and/or their fictional characters based on their astrological signs.

This latest issue’s pairing? Jessica Simpson and Ty Pennington.

I think I spent a full five minutes giggling my ass off.

On only one occasion has something astrological in nature given me pause. Once when I was a kid I happened to stumble across an astrology book that discussed which signs are compatible with which other signs (and not). If I recall correctly, it showed the signs in a circle and said that the sign opposite yours was your truly compatible sign, and the two signs at right angles to yours were the ones you should avoid.

My parents were at right angles, and oh boy was that not a good pairing (I think that’s why this little bit of trivia stuck with me). My husband and I are on opposite sides, and I couldn’t be happier with the person I ended up with. I’m sure it’s one of those bizarre coincidences, but hey, it’s still kind of interesting.

On a totally different note, one of the cutest things in the world is having a teensy cat on your lap fall asleep and literally face-plant into your leg.

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