What Else?–Meteorite

There’s a book called Fanning the Creative Spirit by Maria and Charlie Girsch that makes the point that “What else?” is just as important a question to ask as “What if?” So, in that spirit, free-write on the following question:

Imagine that a meteor is going to crash into the moon; scientists predict that this could have devestating effects on the tides. What else could happen as a result?

If that isn’t enough to get you going, consider this. Your answer could address any of dozens of consequences. Perhaps the meteorite impacts at or near a new station built on the moon that houses dozens or even hundreds of people. Perhaps it crashes through a very important satellite on the way to the moon. Maybe the changes in the tides have devestating consequences to the ecosystem of the planet or its general habitability–you could explore the near-term or far-term results of this.

You could simply free-write about what could happen or you could write a short story. You could even write a news-cast or a set of diary entries from a witness to the event. The possibilities are almost endless!

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