A Typical Day

Pick a character from your fiction that you want to know more about. If you write non-fiction, then use yourself or a character from some piece of fiction by another author that you enjoy and want to explore more thoroughly.

Today is a typical day for this character. In brief detail, sketch out her activities from waking up to bedtime.

Explore her feelings throughout the day as she moves through these tasks. You don’t have to go into great detail; again, just sketch things out briefly.

Circle three small events or tasks at random from your write-up. What would happen if these were interrupted in some way and your character was prevented from having her normal day? How would that change the chain of events and emotions?

Sometimes it’s the big things that intrude on a character’s life, but sometimes small things create interesting ripples as well. This particularly comes up when the more ritualistic and habitual parts of our day are interrupted. This exercise can help you to figure out which parts of your character’s routine are most important to her, and why.

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