Character Questions–Nightmares

Answering a few questions about a fictional character you want to write about can help you to get a much better handle on her, which can make her seem much more “real” when write about her, even if you never directly use the information you came up with in your work.

Set a timer for at least twenty minutes and answer the following three questions about one of your fictional characters:

  • What was the last nightmare your character had? (Give her one of yours if you can’t think of one, or just start jotting down ideas.)
  • What new thing does someone want your character to do, but she is afraid to try?
  • What tricks and habits does your character use to handle stress and/or fear?

As a second part or a follow-on exercise, set another timer for at least 20 minutes. Using your answers to the above questions, write about a particularly difficult night your character has, has had, or will have. Free-write without thinking too deeply about what you’re writing.

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