Cutco Homemaker Knife Set

Pros: Very sharp; great warranty; free factory sharpening
Cons: Expensive; must be bought from a salesman; EXTREMELY aggressive salesmen
Rating: 4 out of 5

My fiancee and I went to a product show (for kitchen products) with a friend on a lark. She knew going in that she would be looking for good knives, and we stuck around while she listened to the Cutco salesman’s pitch. We were so impressed that we bought a whole set, even though we hadn’t intended to; we haven’t been disappointed since. They’re very sturdy and sharp, and they’re easy to sharpen even when you do dull them. I’ve never had such an easy time slicing things before. They get a little dull after slicing something very starchy, like sweet potatoes, but you can get a simple sharpener from Cutco to go with them that takes care of that in minutes. If the knives ever get very dull, you can have them professionally sharpened by Cutco for the cost of shipping!

Cutco knives have resin handles, so they won’t split like wood. The knife blades extend all the way through the handles and are bolted in, so they can’t be pulled out. The serrated blades have what’s called a “Double D” blade, and heck, we’ve found that we can cut straight down through vegetables with it without any sawing motion – it’s that sharp!

The kitchen shears are fantastic, and will cut through the rib cage of a chicken with ease. The spatula-like spreader is great for everything from butter to jam. You’re supposed to avoid getting mayonnaise on it or it can discolor, though.

The warranty is fabulous. If anything goes wrong, they’ll replace your knives. Even if the thing that goes wrong is user stupidity, they’ll replace them at half-price. That’s how difficult these knives are to damage!

My only real complaint is that you can’t buy Cutco in the store. I admit it, I don’t really like dealing with sales people (Sales reps take note (added later): All you Cutco reps reading this, our local representative’s phone number came with the catalog. You can all stop emailing me with your names & phone numbers. Really. There’s already been about 10 of you. Enough already. I appreciate the helpfulness, but I’m unlikely to hand out my credit card information to any person who emails me out of the blue. Thank you and have a nice day…), so I’d be happier if I could buy Cutco knives in the store.

We’ve had our Cutcos for more than three years now, and there’s not a scratch on them. And believe me, we are not easy on our kitchen tools.

Added in 2004: When we moved to another state we solved the problem of packing up and moving our knives by taking advantage of the chance to send them to the factory for re-sharpening. We love the shape they came back in, and Cutco even repaired a little bend in one knife that we’d hardly noticed, at no charge.

Added 3/16/2006: I’ve had people berate me for giving these a positive review, stating that every decent chef knows that forged knives–not stamped–are the way to go. Yes, I’ve heard that too. However, if you read food scientist Alton Brown’s equipment guide, he has a much more balanced view of the pros and cons between the two different types of knives. And, well, my experience with these knives has been positive, so I’m not about to either lie and say I hate them just because someone tells me I should, or write some bizarre “we love ours but people tell me this kind of knife is bad, so don’t buy it,” kind of review. I call ’em as I see ’em, folks–these reviews are based entirely on our experiences, good or bad.

Added 7/18/2006: That’s it. I’m dropping my rating a point (to 4) simply because of the salespeople. That’s how irritating they’ve become. I love these knives, but at this point I may never buy from Cutco again because I can’t stand their aggressive salespeople. Even the note in the above review asking sales reps not to write and offer to sell me more knives apparently isn’t enough–I’m STILL getting emails. One sales rep’s mother emailed me to try to sell me knives. The customer service is awesome, the product is incredible, but the salespeople single-handedly make dealing with this company a complete turn-off.

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6 comments on “Cutco Homemaker Knife Set
  1. Mike says:

    My friend used to work for Cutco. Their products are normally top of the line. I know knives are among the most important tool one needs in the kitchen. They are definately near the top of the list. I’m not a professional cook by any means, but even I noticed the difference after I upgraded to a more sturdy set of cooking knives. I had for years simply used the various collection of odd knives inside my silverware drawer for most all cooking tasks. Then about 4 Christmas’s ago, my cousin gave me a very nice set with a block sheath for a present. They stay much sharper, and I now have the luxury of having different knives designed specifically for different kinds of jobs. If I want to Julien some vegetables, I now have a knife made especially for that. If I want to filet a fish or hollow out a tomato, I have individual knives for that. Since I didn’t buy my own set, and don’t know for sure how nice it is compared to others, I’m not sure what kind of prices the top of line sets might run. I have seen sets that appeared to be similar to mine going for reasonable prices in most department and kitchenware stores. There are probably even better deals available online. Here is a good article that touches on some of the basics in what to look for when purchasing a set of knives. Hopefully it will be of use to anyone out there reading this. Hope that helps!

  2. Travis Henderson says:

    I am so sorry,…we do not train them to be aggressive like that. I am a sales rep, and an assistant manager for cutco,…. please forgive them, and keep in mind they are a minority. I am sorry for any trouble they have caused you. have a great day, and I enjoyed reading the review, minus the unfortunate misdeeds of a some reps.

  3. Blake Bennett says:

    As a disclaimer, I’m a Cutco rep, but I’d like to object to your lowering of your rating purely because of the reps you’ve dealt with…

    You have to remember that there are a LOT of reps in the US, just about 60 in my office alone, and since they’re college students most, if not all, use the internet.

    So it naturally follows that some, like me, will find your site. And some, not all, will be stupid and try and email you despite the note.

    So what you are getting is JUST contact with the small percentage who are super aggressive, because the non-aggressive reps, like me and others, DO listen and don’t bother you. You’re judging a majority based on a loud minority.

    I hope that makes sense, and I am glad you’ve enjoyed your knives.

  4. I personally think that Cutco products are top of the line, their knives are better than any others I have sampled. Their quality is always second to none and they cut food like a hot knife through butter.

  5. ben says:

    cutco knives are not what they seem. i have worked in sales and marketing before and decided to take a job with vector marked and see what it was like. after i got hired i spent three days training. if vector thinks im as stupid enough to listen to a three day sales pitch on why this job is not a rip off and “lots of fun” and not realize that it was, in itself a sales pitch, then they have another thing coming. firstly they hire college kids and recent high school grades 20 at a time, knowing that theyre parents and family friends will at least buy something to support them. thats about it, vector marketing markets knives and jobs to people who dont know any better.

    the knives are not anything special. i did a lot of research about cutlery, and the opinions of PROFESSIONAL chefs on which types of steel are the best for holding the sharpest edge. they all said that cutco were a small step above a 50 dollar set of knives (cutco is 900) and will never be found in a professional kitchen. the second i had cutco in my hand i knew it was shit, when i worked construction i would sharpen an eight dollar chisel sharp enough to shave hair off of my arm, cutco cannont.

    truth is cutco is marketed to the average housewife who sees a handsome 20 years olds smile and sees that cutco and cut rope and leather ( kitchen knifes are not made to do this). the forever guarantee is the only thing impressive about these knifes. why could they afford to replace then forever, because they are cheap.

    like any sales job, you can make money at it. but they make you come up with your own leads, sorry i can live with selling cheap stuff to someone i will never know for 900 bucks, but dont ask me to rip my family and friends off.

    dont worry though, every manager will be able to explain why you will be a millionaire, 17 year old overnight, it happens to everyone of the 2000 people who get hired.

  6. Tamara says:

    To the last comment. I just got back from a Vector conference (Vector being the company who hires all the sales reps for Cutco). From there, I met a lot of people who have sold a lot of Cutco. Yes, they do start with family and friends, but from there, they get names of people who they don’t know! I personally have doubled my contacts list since I started roughly 2 months ago. And as for the quality, professional chefs wouldn’t like Cutco knives mainly because of the Double-D edge on them. That’s because chefs have been taught pretty much from day 1 to always sharpen their knives, but with the Cutco edge, you don’t have to. and that probably drives them crazy! One lady I know had her knives for 15 years and the teeth on the Double-D edge had been completely worn off so they were pretty much useless for cutting, but she still was using them every day as they were her favorite knives! And as for having fun, lsat weekend I went to Montreal with Vector and had one of the best weekends of my life! It is all about your attitude. If you go around thinking “this is stupid and I am not going to have fun”, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out you aren’t going to have fun! Loosen up a little and check your attitude before saying how much Cutco is a waste of time!

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