Delicious Names

Make a list of some of your favorite food dishes, preferably about ten of them. Pick out the ones that have very ordinary names that purely describe the dish, like macaroni and cheese. Sit for a moment and imagine each one in turn, picking out significant details about how they look, taste, smell, feel on the tongue, make you feel, etc.; take notes. Now try to come up with at least one imaginative name for each recipe. Preferably brainstorm a handful and then pick your favorite.

There are all sorts of ways that people tend to name recipes. For example, some might use the name of the person who created it (“Amalie’s Amazing Apple Appetizer”). As the previous example also shows, devices such as alliteration aren’t out of the question either. Instead you might go by appearance; perhaps a macaroni and cheese dish uses yellow cheddar and has additional cheddar sprinkled on top that browns a bit in the oven, and you decide to name it “Golden Sands Macaroni and Cheese.” You don’t have to come up with something elegant and lovely that would look great on a five-star restaurant’s menu; the point is just to play around and get your creative juices flowing.

Mmmmm, juice…

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