Ecto–Thanks Adam!

Okay Adam, this is your fault. I downloaded Ecto for blog posting and editing largely because it integrates the Technorati Tags so easily, and it has some other cool features like allowing you to make stationery templates.

It did frustrate me a bit at first, but thankfully the user support forum is very good (the guy who wrote the software seems to be great about answering questions helpfully and thoroughly) so I was able to fix my problem. Seems that Movable Type 3.2 introduced a separate password for use with software such as this, so I needed to create this password rather than use the original. After that it was just a matter of working out how to do the various things I needed to do.

I plan to use this for a little longer to be sure I’m comfortable with it before actually paying for it; there was something I really liked about the clean, comfortable Movable Type interface itself that this lacks, even though this has nifty features. Still, I have a feeling I’ll end up sticking with this. So, thank you, Adam!

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One comment on “Ecto–Thanks Adam!
  1. Adam says:

    My pleasure. 🙂

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