I’ll keep this brief, ’cause I’m cranky today

Playing a game should be fun and relaxing. I should not log in to World of Warcraft and have to hear “I hate women” and “men are intellectually superior”–and this in the nicer guilds with the more mature players and a larger proportion of female players than most of the others I’ve seen. Funny how the people who know better than to say things like that about other races still think it’s fine and dandy to say it when it refers to gender, and get high-and-mighty about it if you even calmly and nicely ask them to cool it or take it to private chat with their friends.


‘Course, just to be clear, I’m not somehow saying this is a problem with WoW. It’s a people problem, and one that crops up everywhere, particularly on the internet where there’s that whole “these people can’t see me so I don’t have to be polite/nice/responsible” thing going on.

Anyway, I’m going to end this before it really turns into a rant. I mentioned that cranky thing, right?

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2 comments on “I’ll keep this brief, ’cause I’m cranky today
  1. Scott M says:

    You have to wonder at their insecurity… of course everyone important [= male] agrees with them. Why bother reiterating such a banal truth?

    (Yeah, that was a little thick… but seriously, if they think they’re right, there’s no reason to post it. Men will all agree and women are all too stupid to listen to; any man who disagrees must be emascualted and a fool anyway, so their protests don’t count.)

  2. Most of the time I can roll my eyes and ignore that kind of stuff. I was just grumpy that day and not in the mood to have to put up with that kind of crud. But, the nice thing about Warcraft is there are so many ways to avoid it–leave the chat channel, put the person on your ignore list, log out or log onto a different server/different character that isn’t on the same chat channels.

    Did I mention I recently discovered the infinite ignore list mod? Very handy!

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