Joke and Flirt

In the World of Warcraft strategy manual it says that if you use the “/silly” and “/flirt” commands for a given race and gender of character a handful of times and listen to the jokes and entertaining flirts that result, you’ll get an idea of whether the race’s style would appeal to you. I only partially agree with that in practice simply because of some of the jokes and flirts they’ve programmed into the game.

However, this suggestion does show some surprising insight. You can learn a lot about someone by the jokes they tell and the ways in which they flirt. So, take a character from a fictional world (one of your own if you’re a fiction writer, or come up with one on the spot) and free-write about their style of joking and/or flirting. If you want, write up a scene or three that shows us how the character jokes or flirts. If you write non-fiction, then you might write about your own style of humor or manner of flirtation.

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