Kaisercast Flora Bundform Pan, 12 cup capacity

Pros: Very non-stick; large capacity; heavy-duty; good browning; even heating; beautiful design
Cons: Somewhat difficult to clean
Rating: 4 out of 5

First published 3/7/2006
Review item courtesy of Kaiser Bakeware and Jardina Communications

The Kaisercast 12-cup capacity Flora Bundform pan is absolutely beautiful. It has a large capacity, allowing it to fit most of today’s cake recipes. The floral design will give any cake a touch of class and elegance; you’ll find yourself not wanting to put frosting on your cakes so as to avoid hiding the lovely design. The design shows quite well in the finished, baked product.

The aluminum pan is thick and heavy, providing even heating; the cakes I made in it came out beautifully browned. A simple dusting of powdered sugar was all they required to be absolutely gorgeous. There were no splits, imperfections or flaws that needed to be covered up.

The nonstick coating is surprisingly effective, allowing the cake to release easily. This is particularly important given the intricate design, as you won’t be able to slip a knife easily between the cake and pan in order to loosen it up. All you need to apply before baking is a thin layer of melted butter, no layer of flour, eliminating any chance of unattractive flour clumps on your cake.

In fact, my only negative regarding this pan is the cleanup. On the one hand, the smooth release leaves very little cake behind to be cleaned out. However, obviously the butter layer will leave a little bit of grease and crumb needing to be cleaned up. The pan should be hand-washed according to instructions, but the fine lines of the floral design make it difficult to clean the grease and crumbs out of some of the tiny corners, and it can be difficult to tell that you’ve missed something until after the pan dries and you can see the tell-tale sheen of butter. This isn’t a big deal, but you do need to put some care and attention into cleaning the pan.

If you enjoy the presentation of putting out a beautiful cake for company, it’s hard to do better than the Kaisercast Flora Bundform pan.

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