KitchenAid Ultra Power 11-cup Food Processor

Pros: Fairly quiet; mini-processor bowl included; dishwasher-safe; line marking the liquid capacity
Cons: One spot is hard to clean (let the dishwasher take care of it…)
Rating: 5 out of 5

First posted 7/16/2003

It was finally time to replace our old 11-cup Cuisinart food processor. We ended up going with a KitchenAid KFP600–partially because we like the brand, partially because we liked the reviews of the item, and partially because we could get a $30 rebate at the time.

The processor comes with lots of goodies

A mini-processor bowl that fits inside the larger work bowl. (We had a separate “mini-prep” already, but you can’t run the motor on that one for all that long without it getting a little testy. This one, of course, comes with the full-power motor.)

One work bowl with 11-cup capacity. (You can buy extras separately. There’s also a package that includes an extra work bowl with the food processor, but when we did our shopping there was a $5 discount on the extra work bowl, which made it cheaper to buy separately.)

Regular blade, dough blade, and mini-processor blade. The sharp blades are stainless steel; the dough blade is hard plastic.

Three specialty blades: medium slicing disc, reversible thin slicing/shredding disc, and a medium shredding disc. Also all stainless steel.

Plastic spatula–not as nice as ones we buy separately, but it does its job of cleaning out the corners.

Lid with feed tube and one-piece “food pusher.”

Storage case for the extra blades and discs.

Easy to use

The processor is very easy to use. The only buttons are “off,” “on,” and “pulse.” It’s easy to lock the bowl and lid in place–they slide in smoothly and easily. Assembling the discs on their special pole takes mere moments. The food pusher slips into the feed tube easily, and we find the feed tube to be wide enough to put most vegetables and cheeses through; the rest can be sliced into sticks first.

Works well

The blade and discs are quite sharp and cut or shred very well, taking on every cheese, vegetable and soup we’ve thrown at them with ease. We’ve also found them easy to handle, and haven’t managed to accidentally cut ourselves yet. The dough blade does a wonderful job on everything we’ve used it on–regular breads, whole-grain breads, pie crusts, and so on.

Unlike the last food processor we owned, this work bowl has a line on it so you’ll know how much liquid you can fill it up with before it will spill over in the middle. (We always had to eyeball it before, which led to a few accidents!)

Cleans… mostly well

For some reason, it seems like the slightly rounded shape of the bowl and lid make them easier to clean than our last food processor–with one exception. There’s a rim on the inside of the lid that leaves a small space all the way around that fits over the edge of the work bowl. We find it difficult to clean into this spot. Even the dishwasher doesn’t always get every last bit out of that one place. However, the food pusher on this food processor is just one piece, and is thus much easier to clean than the complicated contraption that fit over the feed tube of our last food processor. I guess it all evens out in the end!

All of which brings me to my next lovely point–everything is dishwasher-safe. Every piece (except the base, of course!) can go into the dishwasher.

The base has smooth-touch controls, by the way, so you can clean them easily with a damp cloth.

The extra details

My favorite new feature, besides the capacity marker on the side? The noise level. This food processor is much quieter than our last one. It doesn’t freak out the cats when I run it, and I wouldn’t have to worry that it would wake up someone who was sleeping in a nearby room.

The manual comes with a list of optional attachments and accessories, a bunch of recipes, plenty of helpful hints (most of them are awfully obvious, but a few will be handy) and instructions, and of course warranty and service information. Apparently this model comes with a one year full warranty from date of purchase.

All in all we’re totally satisfied with our new food processor, and we’re definitely enjoying it!

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