Lightning Dances with a Rainbow

Incredible pictures: the moment lightning shared the sky with a rainbow | the Daily Mail

Imagine, if you will, a moment in one of your characters’ lives. He comes to a crisis point, a decision point. He’s in the middle of something terribly important to him. Spend a few moments imagining (or writing) this character into the middle of this situation.

Then, he looks up into the sky and sees the most awesome display–forks of lightning playing around a rainbow against a yellow-pink sky.

How does this affect his transformative experience?

Sometimes we go about our lives and don’t notice such wonders, but often they provoke us to stand back for a moment and notice the true marvels the universe has to offer us. At a moment of crisis, how much more significance could such a sight take on? Might it be taken as a sign from God, a portent, an omen, a representation of the character’s inner struggle, a natural wonder that puts the character’s crisis in perspective? Might it humble your character or empower him?

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