Making a few changes to the blogs here and there…

First, I’ve added Bloglines subscription buttons to the front pages of all three blogs. So if you use Bloglines to track the blogs you read and feel like subscribing, it’s very easy now.

Second, I’ve reformatted the reviews a little so that the text wraps around the Amazon iframe product boxes. It’s something I’d wanted to do anyway, so when my husband suggested it and figured out how to do it I was only too happy to make it happen. It took me a little while to go through and edit all the reviews (hopefully I didn’t miss any!) but they should be done now.

Third… Err, I’m sure there was a third. Coffee + Insomnia = Still sleep-deprived and scatter-brained. It’s 6:15 am and I’ve been up for about 5 hours already.

So, umm, third… Ahh, heck with it. I’ll add more later if I remember. Night folks.

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