“Mount Dragon”

I’m nearly done with “The Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifier” and hope to review it tomorrow. I’m simultaneously taking a slight break, however, and reading Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s “Mount Dragon”, a sort of biotech thriller. I’ve been in the mood for one for a couple of weeks for some reason, so when I found it at the local Borders this weekend I couldn’t resist. Naturally, I’ll review it too once I’m done. So far there are mild imperfections in the writing to my eyes, but I’m definitely enjoying the book.

We fit some roleplaying in yesterday (Stargate SG-1) and we’re both currently creating characters for an AD&D first edition game that’s going to be run by a friend of ours in Virginia. It’s excellent to have the time to get back into roleplaying again! This DM has a campaign world that’s been around for longer than I’ve been playing (about 20 years), so we’re psyched to get started. He loves to work player characters into the fabric of the world, just like you might find in a good fantasy novel, so I expect this to be fun!

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I’ll add in the latest few cafepress designs, so you can see what they’re like:

Ninjaed my epic life!

Ninjaed my clue!

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