No more work getting done today

Okay, so the big cat-mess I found all over the house this morning wasn’t from the cat I thought it was; it was Selene. She won’t eat. I think she hasn’t been drinking. She’s clearly uncomfortable when she moves. She took the tiniest taste of lunch and threw up all over the place (not that there was much for her to throw up). The only opening the vet has is from before my husband’s work day ends, and this is his first week at his new job (ARGH!). He’s going to try to make it in time and if he doesn’t make it, we’ll take her to the emergency vet when he gets home (longer trip into town, more expensive, but they’re open 24 hours).

This of course is the cat with the penchant for eating anything and everything she finds on the floor, so lord only knows what’s going on. (And I do mean anything–she’ll eat dust bunnies and cobwebs, lick the bottom of the refrigerator…)

Me, I’m panicking. Can’t help it. She’s a cute fuzzy little thing of a cat, absolutely priceless, and I hate to see her not feeling well. And of course I don’t know if her brother’s lack of appetite at lunch was from being worried about her (he does get so worried when she isn’t feeling well) or from not feeling well himself, if they’re both sick. GAH!

Right. So, no more work getting done today. Easy, relaxing things that let me still keep an eye on the cats. Have a good weekend everyone…

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2 comments on “No more work getting done today
  1. Scott M says:

    Hope things turn around for the better; pet the cats for me.

  2. They definitely seem to be doing better after getting fluids at the vet’s, thank you. They’re both eating today, which is good. It became obvious after a while yesterday that they were both sick, instead of just one of them. Ah furry little ones…

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