Seeing in Ultraviolet

Dark Sun Sizzling

Take a look at the above-linked ultraviolet image of the sun for today’s exercise. Imagine that it’s an actual image of an inhabited planet, with its swirls of light and dark and its blooms of color. Instead of gases those colors and patterns represent… what? Land masses, energy of some kind, lava flows, high technology, magic?

Sit back for at least five minutes, preferably ten or fifteen, and just picture it in your mind (if the link has broken or the image is no longer there, use the above paragraph to create your own mental image). Then answer any of the following questions you feel like answering, or just start writing.

  • What genre do you imagine this fictional planet falling into?
  • Who (or what) inhabits it?
  • What was the last cataclysm to happen on this planet?
  • What is the weather like on this planet?
  • What major event happened yesterday on this planet?
  • What major event will happen tomorrow on this planet?
  • How long is a day on this planet? A solar year?
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